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Christian Youtuber Decides To Set His Channel Up in Flames, Here's Why?

And I’m here for the smoke.

A Christian Youtuber / Apologist by the Name of David Wood recently uploaded a video about him explaining to his subscribers (us) why he feels, he has reach the point of deleting his YouTube Channel.

Just standing at almost 700 000 Subscribers, The youtuber goes on for about 34 Minute giving valid reason why he feels its necessary for him to delete the channel and what we can learn from it.

I would have posted the link to the actual channel, but by sometime next month the link would be invalid. But I’ve had the privilege to download and upload his part one video onto another platform for your benefits to watch. And of Course you will understand why I did so, has in the video he goes on to give permission for that.

Such bold Move!

I too, was in a state of shock when I first saw it but I had to sit down and actually listen attentively to what David was saying and why he has decided to make such a bold move.

The much bigger question you might be asking is why?

Well to simply put, this is about YouTube Censorship. This is about taking power back from the big tech companies even if it means going kamikaze and destroy the very platforms that makes them who they are.

I know you must be wondering, well what about the money or videos? What about all those subscribers?

My response is, Unless you actually didn't take the time to watch his explanation, you wont really know what powers we are up against at this point. And if you are a youtuber yourself, perhaps you have never dealt with the issues David and his Channel ACTS 17 APOLOGETICS had to deal with.

Many comments came pouring through with a lot of sentiments and disappointment because of this decision. But its pretty understandable because most of these loyal subscribers are probably fans of the channel since it started, and they have seen it grow to the point it has reached now.

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Some even came with what they thought is the better route to go about this.

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Part Two, With better Clarity

Because the people Spoke, ACTS 17 APOLOGESTICS, had to upload another video just to clear up the air again.

I can only Salute David and his team for the idea and tremendous courage they’ve put into this. I know getting rid of something you love isn't easier but sometimes even to taste a bit of freedom it always comes with a little sacrifice.

If you have never heard or watch any videos from the ACTS 17 APOLOGETICS, then you sure don’t know what type of character David is. His phenomenal ability to speak through an uncut or edited video and give you information at one go is what always blew my mind.

I was so glad to even find one such comment that pointed that out.

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At the end of it all. We all got decisions to make and shots we need to call. My biggest take from this is that, I really want to reach this level of defiance. There's plenty of tyranny happening out there. Big corporations and the media bully us into thinking we need them to survive and therefore they can just go about to control what we say, when we say or how.

They toy with our emotions, cut us off from our main supplies such as cutting out a YouTuber who solemnly relies on his channel to survive just because they feel, what he or she has said is totally wrong, without thoroughly investigating on how important that information could be.

Okay! I don't wanna go off board here with extensive explanations. I’ll Leave link below to David’s twitter page where all the updates will be given on his new way forward. Have a look around.



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