Clubhouse, A Platform To Shamelessly Self-promote And Act Woke

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

Clubhouse is the latest app that is starting the gain traction. Because of its exclusive “invite-only” format right now, it is difficult for people to understand what it is and if it is worth trying to get on. read more about it here.

Celebrities like GaryVee has been sharing his thoughts on the platform, what he likes about it, and whether or not it will be a long-term player in the social media space…

My Experience on the Platform has been great. I can’t remember a time being on the platform and not enjoy a minute of it. From the beginning its a bit overwhelming, especially when you do not know where to begin or what room to join, you might feel disappointed that you accepted the invite from whoever.

The best part of Clubhouse is finding the rooms that are of your interest. These rooms are not limited too so you can join as many as you like. Although if you are someone like me who simply wants to join a room and have a conversation, you might want to avoid the overly crowded rooms. Sometimes even rooms with 50 members are still okay to join if you are expecting to be invited on stage immediately and share your opinion. You might however want to listen in first and respectfully understand what the conversations is about before you chime in.

The exciting part of the platform is meeting people and sharing laughter with members in the room who share the same views as you. Nothing more satisfying than being in one accord with another human being, standing together and sharing one common goal or dream. I’ve come across such rooms, especially those of my community which is Congolese.

Clubhouse is more than just a talking platform. Some of the most thought provoking dialogues are done on Clubhouse and I like the fact that not everything has to be recorded and properly tuned for the listener. Some moderators have created not just rooms where you meet and chat with other people but also quiet rooms that you can join and simply be silent while you reflect on life.

I believe the authenticity of Clubhouse is that which will set it apart from all other talking apps or social platform.

One Lesson that we have all learned from this Pandemic is that, human beings often long for the verbal connection with others. The Conversation we have while waiting for the bus, in the market place or at the train station is what really brings so much meaning and joy to us, and so when we are deprived of that will — we feel completely disconnected.

Final Thoughts, if you are really eager to find out how those Instagram models and fake financial gurus really think about in person when you ask them a question about the occupation they strongly advocate about? join Clubhouse.



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