Don’t Visit Rwanda

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this is what your sports entertainment told you, Visit Rwanda. whether it was on a PSG (Paris — saints German) or Arsenal Football club jersey, they said you needed to visit Rwanda.

But that is just a short message on the surface of everything truly happening in Rwanda. It's not like Hawaii or Dubai where you travel expecting a country with fine beaches and palm trees, there is actually a lot happening in Rwanda, but they don't want you to know that except; that you have to spend your money there.

Another lie told is that Rwanda is one of Africa’s safest and fastest-developing countries. Kigali is clean, it’s a lovely city with a flourishing art and cafe scene. Lies, unless you haven’t visited Cape Town then you would simply bye into their lies of visiting rwanda.

In fact, Cape Town was named 3rd greatest City on Earth out of 50 other cities on the list. and I check, and Kigali was not even on it.

There is no such thing as a fast-developing country especially not in Africa. Since I last checked people were still leaving Rwanda, Almost 90 percent of the population lives on less than US$2 per day and half of its population lives on less than US$1 per day. The other problem is the Intense demographic pressure, the shortage of arable land, and the lack of access to the Indian Ocean have been three critical problems in Rwanda’s economic development. source

Rwanda is causing conflicts with its Neighbors.

Unless you didn't know, Rwanda has sparked conflict with the DRC once again because the DRC government detained two of its soldiers. However, what you will find fascinating is that the attacks did not come from the Rwandan Armed Forces but rather the Rebel Group M23. source

Why is M23 attacking DR Congo, if it's Rwandan soldiers that are detained in Congo?

That’s a fairly good question. Simply put, Rwanda is Supporting The Rebel group M23 and they have been doing so for the past 20 years since the war began in Congo.

In 2013 the DRC army named M23 a rebellion Tutsi group, this was not coincidental. It was discovered that most of the corpses found on the battlefield from the rebel groups resembled those of the people called the Tutsi, often taller and thinner as per description.

One of the Ex-rebel group leader was described similarly by a BCC journalist

“His has an appearance of a reserved, slender, tall man, seemingly too shy to make for an authoritative commander.”

His name was Sultani Makenga, you can read about him here. Now they say he was born on the Eastern side of Congo, but he is not Congolese and we don't claim him for that. But he fits the description of a Tutsi tribesman very well.

There is a war on the Congo-rwandan Border

the DRC government has accused Rwanda of backing the Resurgent M23 rebel group which is active in its volatile east. The US State secretary Anthony Blinken even called for a diplomatic solution about a week ago.

This is why you should believe it when Congolese people are saying, they are not affiliated with the rebel group M23. The Rebel group is mainly compiled of roughly 90% of Tutsi tribesmen and 10% of Congolese men influenced to overthrow the current government. They are fighting against them and the people gaslighting everything is Rwanda, by supporting and supplying them with arms.

Thousands of Congolese people have been displaced again, from their homes up in the East, causing a triple effect of migration. Some moved over to Rwanda and others came right deep into Congo. All trying to flee where conflict is happening the most.

I said “again” because not long ago these same people had to migrate to occupy different parts of land due to the volcanic eruption that took place late last year. source

Still not good of enough reason for you not to visit Rwanda?

If my above reasons have not convinced you not to visit Rwanda, let's see what other sources have to say about that.


I recently wrote a blog, criticising the Uk Rwanda immigration deal that has caused a lot of concern with regard to Rwanda’s human rights issue. Rwanda accepted billions of dollars to take in immigrants from the UK due to high in the flux of illegal immigrants and slow processing. How could a 3rd world country take in refugees while its own people are struggling and even some still leaving?

Stuart Luke even said this: I do have concerns about moving very vulnerable asylum seekers halfway across the world for processing, it's unclear how they will be entitled to be represented, how they will be able to access services and how they will be treated in a country which has not the best in terms of the human rights record. — Stuart Luke — Asylum solicitor and partner, Instalaw. source

In fact, the Uk has strongly condemned Rwanda for its Human Rights issues.

We remain concerned, however, by continued restrictions to civil and political rights and media freedom.

Then on the 8th of July 2021, the UK ambassador of human rights appeared before the same body and expressed regret that Rwanda was not conducting a transparent and credible probe into allegations of human rights violation.

We regret that Rwanda did not support our recommendation, which was also made by other States, to conduct transparent, credible and independent investigations into allegations of human rights violations including deaths in custody and torture.

but we were disappointed that Rwanda did not support the UK recommendation to screen, identify and provide support to trafficking victims, including those held in Government transit centres.

they don't even support trafficking victims and they want you to visit them. baffling.

So you see folks, this is not just some rant about how you should visit a country that supports genocide in DR Congo and profits from it. If you care about Humanity and peace in the world, then I urge you to please reconsider visiting Rwanda. I don't only think Rwanda should be the final destination for foreign tourists to Africa, I believe the entire continent should be a tourist destination for everyone. But that dream cannot be possible until my people face their liberation as well as resolve other socio-economic issues which impact the continent.

Now that we know who is supporting the Rebel group, we need to protest against these people and call for an immediate stop. Even if it means calling for economic sanctions on them. Do not buy from them or support their business.

Here's how you can also help DR Congo fight this war, by following the steps in this tweet below which will lead you to the website.



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